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Frank Francese,  NWS
"Welcome to my website!"

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes to all for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2014.

During the time leading up to the Holiday hiatus as well as the month or two that follow New Years, I have been, and will continue working on new material to display on the web site as well as for use in my workshops scheduled in 2014.  The short window of time between the close of my 2013 workshop season and the start of 2014 events provided an opportunity for some travel.  I managed to visit several places in the United States, meet some new and interesting folks and see some more of the seemingly endless beauty of our country.  Traveling with my camera and sketch pad in hand, I believe I captured some scenes that will provide excellent material for new paintings.  While I enjoy painting landscapes of all types, the mountains of the western states have always provided inspiration for images that could probably be considered my signature style of work.  One trip took me to the breath-taking mountains of Montana, western Wyoming and eastern Idaho, which includes the spectacular Tetons and the associated national parks.  Several images from that trip are posted at locations on this site for your enjoyment.


         Ward Lake (1) Grand Mesa, CO             Ward Lake (2) Grand  Mesa, CO          Ward Lake (3) Grand Mesa, CO
                            Bridger Bowl, Montana                                                  Grand Junction, Colorado                        


Over the years I’ve had several inquiries regarding the availability of Francese Watercolors for purchase.  At the urging of a friend, I decided to add a page to this site, appropriately titled “Retail Gallery”.  In addition to artwork that is available to site visitors and other art collectors, the new page includes the necessary steps regarding how to go about placing an original Francese Watercolor in your personal collection or just to brighten up a room.  Please visit that page while you’re on the site.
                       De Beque, Colorado                                                  Driggs, Idaho

                  Charleston, South Carolina                                             Grand Mesa Lake, CO

                            Monticello, UT                                                                          Moab, UT

                     ************** Workshop Material Requirements ************
Workshop attendees often ask me what materials I utilize during the workshops and in the course of painting watercolors at home.  I have put together is list of the materials I normally use during the course of instruction presented at each event.  That list is now posted on the “Workshop” page of this site.

                St. Johns Episcopal                           Dallas Divide, Colorado                      Boulder Valley, Montana

Approximately twenty new images have been posted to the three galleries depicted on the navigation bar of this site.  Additional new images will be posted in the near future.  The 2014 workshop schedule is posted on the ‘schedule’ page along with events currently under contract for 2015.  Enjoy your visit to my web site and I hope to see you at a Francese Watercolor workshop somewhere in the coming year.


           "Artist at Work"
       Sketch by Newick

                     Enjoy the site and as always, your email feedback is always welcome.