Watercolors by Francese

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Colorado Storm

                Coal Creek, CO                                              Blue Lake / Mt. Sneffels, CO

Chichicastangeo, Guatemala

St. Augustine, Tucson, AZ

Coal Creek Storm, CO

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Francese Gallery 



Storms and silhouettes provide and excellent opportunity to experiment with the technique of mixing color on paper.  Have you ever sat and watched a stormy sky for ten or fifteen minutes?  If you have, you’ll remember how quickly and sometimes drastically the sky changed color.  So, if you are painting a storm scene and attempting to mix colors on the paper but the image didn’t turn out as you expected, you probably still captured the moment….you just didn’t wait long enough to see the -colors match!!

Seymour's Corner, Colorado

The example images shown above were created using multi-media techniques I’ve discussed on previous pages of this website.  While I’m still experimenting with this process, I’m pleased with the results I’ve attained thus far.

Beetle Kill in the Colorado Rockies 

York , Ireland

Landscape painting, using nature as my inspiration, has always been my forte.  And why shouldn’t that be the case?  Colorado, the high country, the red rock monuments and rivers are an artist’s dream when it comes to subject matter focusing on nature.  Much of my work in the past and the present centers on painting images of Colorado’s great outdoors.

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Mt. Crested Butte, CO

City Scenes are the images where in I can combine color and detail.  They provide an excellent opportunity to practice the use of negative painting through the generous use of shapes of all sizes to create and bring out the desired focal point of the image.  Because a painting may have more than one point of interest, the value of a detailed sketch will become apparent to the artist.

Beaches are always awash with more than water.  They’re the mother-load of color, usually in one single scene.  Pick a spot on any beach.  Look left and then right.  How many potential images are there for the painting?  Beach scenes are one of the best places to practice your use of brilliant and contrasting colors.

Welcome to my Gallery –

The previous version of my website had six gallery pages….one for each of the subject matter scenes I like to use in my workshops and another associated with retail sales.  With each of those pages presenting twelve to fifteen images, the administrative effort associated with keeping those pages up to date was quite significant.  As such and in line with my new philosophy of attempting to simplify my life, this version of my website will include just one gallery page.  The five genres I use in my workshops will still be displayed along with images of new techniques with which I am experimenting.  It is my hope that with fewer images to manage, I can update and change them more frequently making your visits to this site more enjoyable.

Lake Erin, CO

 Florida Keys​​

My country scenes often mirror some of the images of nature with one exception.  When I paint a country scene I attempt to use other figures such as buildings, vehicles and animals as additional features in the painting.  In addition to adding detail to the final image, this exercise provides an opportunity for workshop attendees to ‘take their first swing’ at the use of shapes to create the desired detail.

Coral  Reef beach, FL