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Having been born and raised in western Colorado, the mountains, mesas and monuments of Colorado and eastern Utah have always served as an inspiration for my artwork.  A single viewpoint of a natural scene changes dramatically with the seasons.  The colors and shadows of a particular scene will also change with the time of day and sun angle.  Those factors undoubtedly affected the style of artwork that is my signature today. 

                         Ward Lake, Grand Mesa, Colorado

This painting received the "Best of Show" award in the 22nd Annual Exhibition of the Colorado Watercolor Society.  It was the first of two "Best of Show' awards I was fortunate enough to receive from this prestigious organization.

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   Lost Lake at Kebler Pass, CO. 

This painting was entered into the Colorado Watercolor Society 23rd Annual Exhibition.  The work was awarded “Best of  Show”.

 2017 Francese Watercolor Workshop

                   .................we're goin' back to North Carolina !!!

 Where:   Cheap Joe’s Art Workshops,   Boone, NC
 When:    26 – 30 June, 2017

Cheap Joe’s is literally the ‘Mall of America” for all things watercolor as well as supplies for other artistic media.  In addition to being one of America’s premier art supply outlets, Cheap Joe’s conducts art workshops late April through October each year at its facility high in the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, a place well worth visiting even if you’re not an artist!  During the workshop season, each week features a guest artist conducting the four or five day workshop.  Media varies with the genre of the hosting instructor. Contact information is available on the ‘schedule’ page of this website and additional information about Cheap Joe’s, including their workshop schedules, can be found at .

Nature Scenes

The artist has been published in more than twenty articles including Watercolor Magic, which is now circulated under the name Watercolor Artist and Artist Magazine.  Frank’s most recent publication appeared in the November issue of Artist Magazine titled "Art in the Streets" describing his latest two week adventure to Guatemala where he conducted demonstrations in local colleges and in the rural highland areas of that country.