Country Scenes

         About the Artist  -  "Style "

In addition to using brilliant colors to create the scenes, Frank’s technique is referred as that of ‘shape painting’.  His shapes are large and loose, often disregarding fine detail.  When detail is required or desired, additional smaller shapes are combined on the paper to bring to life the various features such as small buildings, automobiles, boats and of course, people.  His workshops include a progression of techniques beginning with basic landscapes created used large shapes to which additional ones are added to produce more detailed painting of country, city and beach scenes.

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2017 Francese Watercolor Workshop

Where:     Judy Patti Studio, Littleton, Colorado

When:       6 - 8 October, 2017

         "Fun" is the single word that probably best describes the experience one might have at the Judy Patti Studio.  Judy's business is located in Littleton, Colorado, a popular suburb on the western side of the Denver metropolis.  The Judy Patti Studio might be more accurately described as a "full-service" art center.  In addition to hosting workshops, Judy instructs multi-media classes on a weekly basis and maintains an extensive inventory of art supplies for artists of all skill levels.  Judy also does custom framing for the art you may have created at one of her workshops or for other images you might wish to have professionally framed for display in your home or at your place of business.

           Judy also maintains and excellent, informative website at which includes additional information about her class and workshop schedules as well as contact information regarding studio events.  Contact information is also included on the "Schedule" page of this website.           

     Landscape images often utilize relatively large panoramas as a starting point, featuring mountains, lakes, meadows and forests as the focal point of the painting.  Nature, through variations in light associated with weather, seasons and time of day can provide literally hundreds of variations for the same scene.  Country scenes depicted in Frank’s art starts with a ‘slice’ of a natural vista.  For example, the lake in a mountain valley can be brought forward and additional details inserted into the painting.  A small farm with animals, a vineyard or group of cottages become the focal point for the viewer rather than the larger vista of which the country scene is a part.  Using a number of multiple shapes, detail can be created to whatever level the artist desires.  These characteristics can be readily seen in the images presented below.

Francese Gallery 2