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2017 Francese Watercolor Workshop

  "Loose & Dramatic Watercolors"

Where:    Landgrove Inn "Inview Center for Arts"

                              Landgrove, VT.

When:      14-18 August, 2017

Snuggled in a valley in the Green Mountains of southern Vermont is the community of Landgrove.  This quaint little village of 200 residents sits in the middle of an area that by all measures, must be considered quintessential Vermont.  The annual change of seasons is spectacular, both in terms of scenery and the activities enjoyed by the residents and area visitors alike.

The Landgrove Inn has been part of the community literally since its inception.  Built as a dairy farm shortly after the American Revolution, the abandoned building was remodeled and turned into a lodge in 1935.  Through subsequent changes of ownership, additional renovations and expansions, the facility has served continuously as an "Inn" since that date.  The "Landgrove Inn" provides lodging and dining services for area visitors seeking to view the spectacular fall foliage, to enjoy the cross country and downhill skiing during winter months or to take part in many other spring and summer activities available in the nearby areas.

Visitors can also attend one of the approximately twenty visual art workshops held annually.  The owners, Tom and Maureen Checcia host workshops in their studio, conveniently located just a short walk from the Inn. With dining, lodging and other activities co-located with the studio, a visit to the Landgrove Inn by artists of all skill levels is 'one stop shopping' at its best.  Additional information about the Inn, visual art workshops, schedules and  contact information can be viewed at

Holy Spirit Iglesia - Quetzaltenango, Guatemala

This Francese Watercolor won the CWS and WFWS Signature Members Award in the Western Federation Exhibition held in Arvada, Colorado.

      Over his career Frank has judged and juried dozens of art shows for the various galleries as well as societies which have sponsored his workshops.  In addition to choosing entries and winners, his valuable experience and expertise is passed on to artists who have provided entries to the various shows.  His thoughtful critiques and encouragement are well received by competitors at all levels.

About the Artist  -  Judging & Jurying

City Scenes

"Means of Transportation" are an interesting subject in many city scenes.  They are often quite colorful subjects in and of themselves and can easily be made the focal point of an image

     Cities are very hectic, the constant noise of traffic congestion, horns honking, planes flying over head, the hum of heating and refrigeration units, to the constant moving of people in any and all directions.  Most artist will never attempt to paint any scene associated with urban life.  The number of details in constant motion are difficult to capture, but I think it’s fun to try and I often do, so…..

     Basic buildings are often the starting point for creating a city scene and then an artist can really get creative.  Vehicles, architectural features, buildings with more unique features, animals, bicycles and of course, people can be added to create a more complex images which are often the ultimate goal of these scenes.  As the number of shapes utilized increases, so will the detail. 

     Time and effort required to create these scenes also increases as does the difficulty of the work.  Sketching the scene becomes almost imperative to plan the layout of the shapes/figures and to make sure the aspect (size) of the features match the depth of field being created.  Multiple features also increase the difficulty of properly inserting areas of light and shadow.  City scenes are challenging, but also very rewarding when they are complete.  Please enjoy the examples are depicted below.

Holy Spirit Iglesia De Chichicastenago, Guatemala

This painting was awarded the "Combined Donor's Award IX"  at the 2014 National Watercolor Society 94th International Exhibition.  The painting was also chosen for the 2015 NWS Travel Exhibition and will be displayed at various art venues across the USA.