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2017 Francese Watercolor Workshop

Where:     Waterccolor Society of Alabama

When:       7 - 9 September 2017    

The Watercolor Society of Alabama has been promoting water media among artists, art students and supporters of the fine art of watercolor since 1939.  Using 'competitions', exhibitions and workshops as tools, budding artists as well as professionals in Alabama and the surrounding states are afforded the opportunity to learn, develop and display their skills through the efforts of this long-standing organization.

The Society conducts a WSA National Exhibition annually.  The event is open to artists across the country.  Accepted entries are displayed at various venues across Alabama during the year.  Sponsors of this event enable the Society to provide cash awards to a number of winners. The Watercolor Society of Alabama also conducts an annual Member's competition.  Entries accepted for the 2017 "Alabama Member's Showcase" will be displayed at the Littlehouse Gallery in Birmingham, AL.

Beach Scenes

Notice the 'loose' treatment of the reflections in the water.

     During his career, Frank has provided entries for multiple watercolor exhibitions in America, Europe, South America and Asia.  Several of his paintings have won awards and are on display in public venues as well as in private collections.  Many of those winners are depicted at various locations throughout this web site.  For additional information regarding those images as well as others displayed on this site, contact the artist by phone or email.  (Contact information is presented on the Home Page.)

Key West

This image was created from a scene in Key West, Florida.  The painting was entered into the Watercolor West 2015 International Competition where is was selected for the Signature Member Award.

Francese Gallery 4


About the Artist - "Best of Show"

Creating images at the beach is a wonderful change from painting nature, country and city scenes.  Whenever I paint a beach/harbor scene I will use bright colors, wet-into-wet technique to show humidity, and a very loose treatment for the water and reflections upon it. Sun, surf and sand provide the background; the palm trees boats, piers and people provide the subject shapes.  A day at the beach is supposed to be fun.  Many of my students have told me that painting with the sun on their faces, the sand between the toes and the smells associated with the ocean (some pleasant, some not so much!) is the best day of the workshop.  As an artist that got my start in the mountains of Colorado, they may have a point.