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About the Artist Signature Status

2017 Francese Watercolor Workshop

Where:     Three Artist's Workshops,  Greenville, SC

When:       20 - 23 July, 217

Located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in northwest corner of South Carolina is the city of Greenville. This vibrant community of more than 60,000 people is home to five institutions of higher learning, including the prestigious Bob Jones University as well as Furman University.  Many museums, galleries and a fine art center are also an integral part of the town’s artistic scene.

Seven years ago, three ladies from Greenville, all of whom had an interest in watercolor art, decided to sponsor a watercolor workshop.  The event would feature a nationally noted watercolor artist who would provide top level instruction for painters in the Greenville area.  The success of that event became the basis for “Three Artists’ Workshops”.

Today, Three Artists’ sponsors three to four workshops per year.  Keeping with the stated objective of the founders, the major goal of the organization is to ‘bring top quality instruction in the water media arts to the people of the Greenville area.  Frank Francese is proud to be part of that tradition.Three Artists’ Workshops has an excellent web site which can be accessed at  The site contains all of the information necessary to learn about upcoming events at Three Artist’s in which you might want to consider participating.  The pages also include some interesting information about the Greenville area.  And, if you’re a baseball fan who really wants to know if the 1919 World Series was fixed… some time to visit the “Shoeless Joe Jackson” museum and base
ball store!!

Have you ever thought of a storm as being one of Nature’s moods?  There’s an old sailor says which goes like this:  “Red sky in the morning, sailor take warning.  Red sky at night, sailor’s delight.”  Sunrise and sunset could be looked upon as harbingers of Nature’s moods.  In looking at a sunrise or a sunset, it is not uncommon to see a silhouette and as sailors know from experience, the morning or evening skies provide valuable hints as to what Nature’s pending mood might be.  Capturing those ‘moods’ provides both a challenge and opportunity for the landscape artist.  Below are some of my attempts to do just that.

Images displayed on this website are property of Francese Watercolors.  Any reproduction or use of these images without the written consent of the artist is strictly prohibited.

In the world of art, attaining signature status represents the approval of the watercolor society granting signature status.  While requirements vary from one society to another, granting of signature status signifies that the awardee has demonstrated a level of skill equal to the best artists in that society.   Frank has earned his ‘signature’ in six watercolor societies across America.  They include:
                *  National Watercolor society
                *  Transparent Watercolor Society of America: Master Status
                *  Watercolor West
                *  Western Federation Watercolor Society
                *  San Diego International Watercolor Society
                *  Colorado Watercolor society

Lighthouses are unique structures built for a single purpose associated with weather and visibility.  The natural atmospherics that we know as weather also create some fantastic colors in the skies.  I find that lighthouses, their surrounding structures and settings provide interesting subjects for landscape art.