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"Bargains from my  Easel"

Frank has been teaching the art of watercolor painting for more than two decades.  Francese Watercolor Workshops have been conducted in thirty six states across America as well as in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rico and Brazil.  The artist has also conducted workshops in Ireland, the Netherlands with additional painting excursions in Italy, Portugal and the Channel Islands.  Frank conducts fifteen to twenty workshops a year, concentrating more recently on sites within the United States.

The Alpha/Numeric which appears in the lower left hand corner of each image is not part of the painting.  It is a reference used by the webmaster and the artist.  It can also be used as a reference in communications between the artist and persons interested in purchasing a painting or someone seeking additional information about a specific image.

All retail outlets, regardless of product, have sales!!  During my workshops I generally do two demonstrations each day.  Those demonstrations are geared more toward teaching specific techniques and ‘tricks of the trade’ which I like to pass along to the students.  While some of the demonstration pieces contain ‘mistakes’, many of which are created intentionally to show class members what ‘not to do’, others turn out quite well.  Several of the images depicted below were the products of those demonstrations and can be purchased at significantly reduced prices.

All 22 x 30 inch watercolors depicted in this gallery can be purchased for $300 each, plus shipping.   Colorado residents will have to add State sales tax to the total.

Keep an eye on this gallery as items will  be changed out regularly.  If you see an image that fits your fantasy, note the number in the lower left hand corner of the picture.  If the one you like has been changed out, but not sold, the reference number will help me determine if it is still available and help us make sure we're talking about  the same image!!

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